Pirate City Observations – 3/20/12

Today is my last day down here, but Tim, Kristy, and Wilbur will still all be down here for a little while. I got over to Pirate City at 9:30 a.m. to check out the action and see the intra-squad scrimmages.

Here’s some quick thoughts on players that I saw:
* Yhonathan Herrand — Herrand was sitting 92 and touching 93/94, but he had very little command of his fastball. He plunked Ferrell and buzzed at least 2 other hitters during his 2 innings.

* Luis Heredia — Heredia was sitting 92 today and showed a sloppy curveball around 74 twice. Heredia covered 1B on a ground ball the 1B had to field. He was a little slow getting started, but moved well once he got going. He made the catch from the 1B in stride.

* Logan Pevny — I didn’t get a gun reading on him (Tim borrowed it for a minute and he is the boss) but he slings it at a 3/4 cross-fire delivery.

* Alex Lukashevich — He was at only 83-84 on his fastball, but his curve was fantastic in the 76 mph range. He had a few hitters flailing.

* Tim saw Andrew Lambo hit an absolute bomb off on Nate Baker. Baker had an 88 mph fastball and a so-so slider at 84 when I was watching him.

* Jake Burnette — Burnette was in the 87-88 mph range today on the fastball. His fastball was tailing away from lefties and normal to righties.

* Clayton Holmes — Holmes was 89-91 with his fastball.

* David Jagoditsh — He was only 90-91 on his fastball, but he had a great curve at 76-77 mph and the makings of what appeared to be a slider at 84. One of the players charting his pitches said “He’s damn near at the plate by the time he releases it,” due to his huge frame.

* Jackson Lodge — he was 83-85 on his fastball today.

* Tony Sanchez — I watched Sanchez slide effortlessly to his right to block a pitch in the dirt. Then on the very next pitch he got a foul ball into a very sensitive man-area.

* Carlos Paulino — If the Pirates had a catcher with a better throwing arm, majors or minors, I would like to see that catcher. He delivered laser-straight throws to 2B on stolen base attempts and a frozen rope on a pickoff attempt to 1B. If his offense continues this year, his stock could put him only behind Sanchez as a catching prospect in the system.

* Alex Dickerson — The Alpha Dog, as I will call him this year, tried to drag bunt a hit. He runs fairly well for a player of his size.

* Victor Black — Tim saw him throw 92-95 and was very wild.

* Jin de Jhang — he was consistently throwing high on throws to 2B.

It was fantastic being here for 5 days. It’s a prospect junkie’s dream trip, as you can see so many players play at the same time over the 4 fields. You want to just keep rotating all around the tower.

Food note — Tim and I had lunch at a good and gritty place called Pompey’s Seafood Shack. It’s down 26th Ave, near 9th Avenue’s intersection I think, about 5 minutes from Pirate City. I had some shrimp in garlic butter, potatoes, and corn. Tim had a pulled pork sandwich and fries. Worth checking out if you need a break from Mixon’s and want to stay local.

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About Kevin Creagh

Kevin Creagh resides in the suburbs of Pittsburgh and has been a Pirate fan since the mid 1980′s. Kevin joined Pirates Prospects in July 2010 and enjoys writing about the economic side of baseball decisions. Many of Kevin’s articles focus on the long-term decisions that the Pirates and other organizations may need to make in the future, in order to balance escalating player salaries with built-in payroll limitations. Kevin also enjoys following prospects throughout the Pirates’ minor league system and forecasting their potential to help the major league team.
  • Lee Young

    Kevin…….Tim had a pulled pork sandwich at a Seafood house? lol

    Great job…I appreciated the insight

    • http://www.piratesprospects.com Tim Williams

      They had a bbq pit outside, and I cooked fish at home four times in the last week.

      • Lee Young

         Wouldn’t expect a pit at a Seafood house. Good choice, then!!

        I love to grill fish at home myself….great minds think alike?

        • http://www.piratesprospects.com Tim Williams

          I guess so, since I try to eat fish at least twice a week. Went with pan fried salmon last night.

          • Lee Young

             If you ever want a quick ‘fishy’ meal. Mix some pouch (or fresh chunk) tuna in with a can of cream of celery soup.  Add either whole wheat noodles or brown rice. Yum.

            Hey………….when did this turn into the fish channel? :)

  • ScottTid

    Well done Kevin. Your insights were great to read. Good tips on the restaurants as well. I am vacation on Anna Maria Island in July and will be checking out 4-5 FSL games and 2-3 GSL games. Did the same last year. Love it!