First Pitch: Remember When Marte Was the Answer?

Remember a few weeks ago when Starling Marte was the answer for the Pirates? People were calling for him to be promoted to the majors to help the offense for the remainder of the year.

Now after four games there are suggestions that the Pirates should trade their top hitting prospect.

The rumors came out that the Pirates inquired on Shin-Soo Choo, and that Starling Marte would have to be included in a deal. Choo is currently putting up a .295/.382/.489 line in 370 at-bats, which is in line with his career numbers. The 29 year old is under team control through the 2013 season, eligible for arbitration one final time in 2013. From a value standpoint, Choo would definitely require Marte, and maybe even another prospect. But does it make sense for the Pirates to make the move?

There were a few people in the comments of the article above who suggested the Pirates deal Marte for Choo. The main argument was that Choo was better. There were also arguments that Marte isn’t a guarantee. Both arguments are correct, but neither is a good reason to send out Marte and bring back Choo.

First of all, ask yourself if the Pirates NEED to trade for Choo. They are 15 games above .500, and three games back in the NL Central. They’re three games up in the Wild Card race. Only four teams in all of baseball have a better record. Offensively, they rank 20th in OPS on the season. That’s huge considering how horrible the offense was the first two months of the season. The strength of the team has been pitching, and they added to that strength by trading for Wandy Rodriguez.

There’s always the pressure for teams to “make a splash” at the deadline. However, it seems that the water calms very quickly after a splash. The Pirates made a “splash” a few days ago when they traded for Rodriguez. Now we need to see another splash to consider them legit contenders? At what point can they be content?

Even if you think the team needs a bat, Choo isn’t the only option. If the cost was Marte, I’d rather keep Marte and go for someone cheaper like Shane Victorino. The Pirates need to try and build around guys like Marte. They can’t afford to cast him off as a non-guarantee in exchange for a guy with a year of service time. They’d be better off buying low on Victorino, and hoping that PNC Park allows him to rediscover his swing. An outfield with Victorino and Marte would be just as productive as an outfield with Choo and Alex Presley. The difference is that you’d have Marte for six more years, while only having Choo for one year.

It’s important for the Pirates to try and win this year. But it’s also important for them to protect future teams. Dealing away Marte for Choo improves the chances to win this year, but it decreases the chances of winning in future years. That may sound like a good trade off in a vacuum, but not when you consider that Choo isn’t the only option available. And really you have to ask how much is enough? Do the Pirates need to improve that much, enough to deal Marte? Or would it be sufficient to go for someone like Victorino, while protecting the long term interests of the team?

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  • BlueBomber72

    If the Pirates want to stay in the chase for the postseason, then I think they do need to improve the team. The other contenders are looking to improve, and the Pirates are giving too many AB’s to Presley, McGehee, and others. Choo would be a nice addition. The question is how good do the Pirates think Marte will be? If they think he’s a future allstar, then they shouldn’t trade him. If they think he’s going to be an average player, then they should make the deal. It’s a question of player evaluation. I’d like to see them get Choo and Victorino.

    • Tim Williams

      Didn’t they already improve the team? They dealt for Wandy, and called up Marte.

      • BlueBomber72

        Rodriguez plugged a hole in the rotation. They still haven’t done anything to improve the offense. Not sure if Marte is an improvement at this point. Choo would be for sure. He’s a better hitter then everyone on our team excpet McCutchen. If it were me I’d add another another bat. I would want to win now.

  • Steven Miller

    The Pirates have the second easiest second-half schedule in the MLB. Say, as a “bad” scenario in that kind of schedule, the Bucs stumble from here on out and go .500. In that case, they’ll still have 88 or 89 wins and could still snag a playoff spot. A trade just doesn’t seem “necessary” enough to give up a player that Baseball America says is now a top 50 prospect in the MLB.

  • Jarrod Ranone

    Couldn’t agree more. If you trade Marte, you better get someone that has control to at least 2014 if not more.

  • Lee Young

    I believe there’s an option in Choo’s contract for 2014? I thought I read that somewhere.

    However, I’d rather have Victorino or someone of his ilk to replace Presley. I had hopes for Alex, but he appears to be 4th OFer matl, unfortunately.

  • Dave Parker’s Unfiltered Camel

    There’s no way they should trade Marte, especially after only four games in the big leagues. They need an outfielder that can provide some offense AND put Jone at 1B. This way they improve the outfield defense. They also improve the offense by putting McGehee on the bench. They can even use an occasional platoon with Marte until he gets his sea legs. Just watching Marte run to a fly ball and you realize that he has the potential to be special. His talent is a level above Presley and Tabata.

  • buccotime57

    I still think marte is the answer…i think marte will continue to improve as the season progresses…hit at least .270 with some pop….do you think marte has been extra cautious at the plate it seems like he wants to swing but is holding back…

  • John Lease

    Pirates need more starting pitching, or need to stick Correia back in the rotation. McDonald needs some time off to clear his head, if that is all it is. Might be hiding an injury, seems to me.