First Pitch: The Time to Play Like Contenders is Now

The Pirates have a very easy stretch of games coming up. In the next six games — all at home — they play two of the worst teams in baseball. That’s a welcome sign, but it doesn’t guarantee anything.

The Pirates have been slumping lately, losing to teams that contenders should be beating. They were just swept by Milwaukee in a three game series, one week after losing two of three to the Brewers. They were swept by the Padres last month in one series, and lost two of three in the other series. Those aren’t the results you’d expect from a contender.

The good news is that other teams in the Wild Card hunt are also slumping. The Cardinals are 4-6 in their last ten games, keeping the Pirates 1.5 games out of the second Wild Card spot. The Dodgers are 5-5 in their last ten games, putting them one game ahead of the Pirates in the race. The race for that second Wild Card spot is still a three team race, and fortunately for the Pirates, the other two teams are slumping at the same time, which keeps the Pirates in the race.

After every big loss, you typically see two types of reactions from Pirates fans. The first reaction is that the season is over. The opposite reaction is to mock the crowd jumping the gun by saying the season is over.

I usually find myself in that second crowd, especially when the “season is over” calls come earlier in the season. And while the “season is over” claim might still be a little dramatic, the underlying message carries a bit more weight this late in the season. That message is that if the Pirates keep playing like this, their season will be over.

The season isn’t over by a long shot. Not with the Pirates one and a half games out of the second Wild Card spot. Not with 12 games total against the Cubs and Astros, plus four games against the Mets, and three more at home against Milwaukee. That’s 19 games where the Pirates should have a huge advantage down the stretch.

The Pirates didn’t capitalize on those advantages in August. But that doesn’t mean they won’t in September. Every team has slumps, even contending teams. And contending teams go through stretches where they lose to teams they should be able to beat. The Pirates aren’t alone in this department. But contending teams also minimize that damage. The Pirates have lost some games they should have won the last few weeks. They should have been 5-1 against San Diego, not 1-5. They should have taken at least three games from Milwaukee, instead of one.

They didn’t do either of those things. And yet they’re still in the race, with an easy schedule coming up. They didn’t take advantage of that easy schedule, but it hasn’t cost them the race yet. Going forward, it will cost them the race if they do the same act in September. The Cardinals and Dodgers aren’t going to slump forever. Maybe one of them will struggle, but not both. The Pirates can’t pin their hopes of contending on other teams performing poorly. They can’t back in to the post-season. They’ve got an easy schedule coming up. They had an easy schedule last month, and didn’t take advantage. Now they need to take advantage. Contending teams can have a bad stretch, even if that comes against bad teams. But a “bad stretch” doesn’t span two months. As contenders, the Pirates need to step up and beat the teams like the Cubs, Astros, and even the Brewers.

The season isn’t over yet. But now is the time for the Pirates to start playing like contenders. And a contender wouldn’t have any problems with the upcoming schedule that is in front of the Pirates.

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  • Lee Young

    The starting pitching is letting us down. Hopefully, it’ll turn around in Sept.

  • leadoff

    “The Pirates have a very easy stretch
    of games coming up. In the next six games — all at home — they play two
    of the worst teams in baseball. That’s a welcome sign, but it doesn’t
    guarantee anything.”
    This is the echo of all people following the Pirates, I don’t believe there is such a thing as an easy schedule because I believe every team in baseball is capable of beating the other team. The next games pitcher is much more important than the team that is coming up in a few days. The Pirates have tendency to play to the level of whom they are playing, I would be much happier if the Pirates were playing the Yankees the next 4 days.
    They have made more bum pitchers look like Cy Young than any team in baseball. This constant relating to stats simply does not work when trying to apply them to the Pirates. How many teams have a terrible bullpen, but not when they play the Pirates!
    If the manager would manage like it is a pennant race and not manage for next week the Pirates might just make a run for the roses, he was terribly out managed by the San Diego manager and the Brewer manager.

  • BarryJT

    So, after losing to the the Stros today, can we now stop talking about the playoffs?

    I’m not sure they can win 12 games the rest of the season.

  • duckwoes

    I too am worried about whether they can win 12 more games. It’s very frustrating to see such a lackluster effort against the Astros

  • RandyLinville

    Play like a contender starting….now!

  • Matt Spicer

    Playoffs? Don’t talk about playoffs! I just hope we can win a game. Another game.

  • John Lease

    The season isn’t over, but dammit I need a hug.